Job Description

Michael Fitzgerald

Data Architect

The Role

  • Document the data sets across the organization, identifying the data models required to support the business, establishing data quality metrics for key data sets and advising the business on approaches and methods to improve data quality.
  • Automation: Support the Research and Data Analytics (RDA) team to complete the automation of existing immigration reports and data sets required for the delivery of statutory and non-statutory reports.
  • Data Lake: Design, development and maintenance of the data lake. The data lake will be the central repository for raw data. This work includes, but is not limited to, managing the data catalogue, data access and contributing to the design of data access security models.
  • Data transformation: Assisting with the transformation of data from various sources by extracting data and making it accessible to the various teams for reporting, dashboards, and other reuse purposes. Specifically this requires defining new data models and transformations to support the migration of data from sources such as MogoDB, DB2, Oracle, etc to Microsoft SQL to allow further analysis.

Experience Required

  1. Developing and implementing an enterprise data strategy
  2. Designing and Implementing data technical solutions end to end including Datamodelling, database design, data architecture design
  3. Designing and implementing centralised Data Storage solutions projects (eg Data warehouse)
  4. Implementing data governance frameworks and best practices (eg data profiling, sourcing)
  5. Implementation of ETL, data integration and data migration design and implementation and Data Warehouse performance optimisation
  6. Practical experience of working with Data Warehouse design methodologies (eg star and snowflake schemas or equivalent)

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