Job Description

£717 - £718/day INSIDE IR35

Rail Head of Franchising Procurement Unit

CV Submission Deadline: 23/2/18 @ 14:50THIS ROLE WITH THE DEPARTMENT FOR TRANSPORT IS INSIDE IR35Organisational position and context:Rail Group is a single, integrated body established by the Department for Transport to take Britain’s railway into the future, and to put passengers at the heart of the journey.
The railway and its supply chain have an economic footprint of £9.3bn, employ 212,000 people and pay £3.9bn a year in tax, offsetting nearly all of the £4bn the industry receives from government. Rail services increase the output of the rest of the economy by as much as £10.2bn a year, equivalent to £386 for every household in Britain, mainly by reducing road congestion and increasing productivity. Travel by rail reduces carbon emissions by up to 7.4m tonnes annually and prevents as many as 950 serious and fatal accidents per year. With some £16bn in government funding behind us and strong leadership in place, we have an unprecedented opportunity to
drive things forward.Rail Group - Passenger Services is an organisation within the DfT’s Rail Group, providing industry leadership for the shape and direction of and the outputs from Britain’s railways. It sits firmly in the rail industry and pulls together all of the passenger facing parts of Rail Group. It is responsible for covering the whole of the franchise life-cycle from procurement through to day to day management and has committed to putting Passengers at the heart of what it does. It aims to cause a revolution in public and passenger advocacy for the railways. Passenger Services works with a wide body of Government Departments, industry stakeholders, industry members and passenger representatives in order to build a clear specification for the
future delivery of passenger services. Ensuring passengers get the services they need and deserve, that taxpayers get value for money and that, as a country, we maximise the benefits leveraged from investment in our railways, will depend on the quality of the contracts let and these in turn rely on a clear design for passenger services across the entire rail network.
Passenger Services is led by Peter Wilkinson, the Managing Director, and his Senior Leadership Team. Passenger Services has a high public profile and also needs to respond to many demands from Ministers and the Secretary of State.The Role
This is a pivotal role within Passenger Services, responsible for shaping and leading a centre of excellence in rail franchise procurement policy, process development and assurance. Procurement of our rail franchise contracts typically lasts two years per competition – these are highly complex, high profile, billion-pound contracts.
Passenger Services provides industry leadership for the shape and direction of and the outputs from Britain’s railways, from within Rail Group. It pulls together all of the passenger facing parts of Rail Group and is responsible for covering the whole of rail franchise life-cycle from procurement through to day-to-day management - and has committed to putting Passengers at the heart of what it does.The role needs someone able to lead a team with four key areas of responsibility:
i. development of our procurement strategy and policy, including new
approaches to complex rail franchising procurements;
ii. continuous improvement and development of the rail franchising procurement process;
iii. provision of expert procurement assurance to rail franchising procurements
iv. Leadership of the procurement profession across Passenger Services
Procurement strategy and continuous process improvement
Multiple franchise competitions are in progress at any one time. The post holder will lead the ongoing development of procurement policies to strengthen our highlycomplex billion-pound projects – ensuring lessons learned from previous competitions are captured and developed.
The team of highly skilled and motivated procurement and assurance specialists is constantly looking for ways to strengthen the procurement approach to these projects. The team has delivered a number of innovative solutions e.g. the PQQ Passport.
The post holder will be responsible for continuing this ongoing journey of
improvement – leading the development, design and continuous improvement of the franchising procurement process to reduce costs and barriers to market entrants whilst ensuring that the process is robust and compliant with regulations.Assurance
The post holder will lead a centre of excellence advising, supporting and assuring competitions across Passenger Services. They will work closely with each Project Director to deliver successful competitions – ensuring that the process is successfully applied throughout the project lifecycle. They will manage and continuously improve an embedded procurement assurance function for live competitions while managing the wider assurance function across Passenger Services.Leadership and Team Management
The successful candidate will have direct line management of a team of 13FTE, plus dotted line management of 3FTE Procurement Leads who are embedded within individual franchise competition teams.
Within Passenger Services, you will be a member of the extended Senior Leadership Team, and various commercial and policy Boards,
At a Departmental level, you will contribute to development of Departmental and governmental policy via participation on the Heads of Procurement Board.
You will also contribute to the development and delivery of operational procurement and assurance as a member of the DfT Procurement Assurance Board (PAB). The Procurement Assurance Board provides procurement assurance for high value and for novel/contentious procurement to the Board Investment & Commercial Committee.Stakeholder and Market Engagement
All of this will be done in a fast-paced environment with multiple stakeholders from the industry, government and other sectors. The post holder will need to ensure closer working and strong relationships internally across the department, as well as with potential bidders, investors, industry agencies, bodies and stakeholders to build confidence and ensure buy-in to the procurement process and practice as well as generating new market interest in procurements.Person Specification
The successful candidate will be an outstanding commercial leader, with significant experience of driving the continuous development of high-value, complex procurement strategies and processes. They will be innovative with a focus on achieving strong commercial outcomes; through a balanced approach to risk.Candidates will also need to demonstrate their capability against the following criteria;• Proven track record in the development of commercial strategies and
processes, supporting and shaping markets
• Evidence of strong business acumen and sound commercial judgement,
through significant personal leadership of complex, large-scale and high-value commercial negotiations (£100m+); ensuring a balanced approach to risk
• Broad evidence of strong leadership of skills at a senior and strategic level in large-scale complex organisations with a track record of achieving strong results
through successfully building capability and capacity at all levels
• Experience of influencing at board level or similar as well as with key
stakeholders and suppliers within a highly complex, fast moving, customer-centric environment
• Evidence of building strong and productive relationships, winning and
retaining the trust of bidders, investors, industry agencies and bodiesDesirable Criteria
• Experience of rail franchising and complex procurements
The role is peer managed by the Head of Programme and Procurement Excellence, and has lines of responsibility to the MD of Passenger Services and the Director of Group Commercial Services.CV Submission Deadline: 23/2/18 @ 14:50