Hiring Tips for Start-Ups

Hiring Tips for Start-Ups

Recruitment is scary and can be challenging if you are a start-up with no experience dealing with the recruitment process. Candidates also think start-ups are a risky place to work, so how you are going to make your place more attractive? Below are few tips and best practices for start-ups planning to hire the best. 

Be transparent and Open
As an SME you are a growing company and you should focus on self-starting and more entrepreneurial candidates rather than process intensive people. These people going to help you to grow quickly.

Look at the contract market
If you are looking for someone to cover a certain piece of work, hire a contractor, hiring a contractor is much cheaper than taking the permie route (look at Pro Contract Jobs guides for more info)

Look for candidates who are willing to grow
Hire a driver than a passenger. Some candidates need clear directions and if you hire these types of people you will end up micromanaging the whole piece. 

Build positive relationships with all candidates
As a start-up, you should focus on long-term growth. Keep in touch with candidates if they do not meet up with your current requirement (LinkedIn is a great tool to keep in touch).

Hire a good recruitment agency
There are thousands of reputed recruitment agencies that you can rely on when it comes to selecting candidates, filtering and even help with the interview process.

Sell your company culture
Tell what you are offering and give great benefits if you want to attract good permanent employees. Good permanent employees are married to benefits and you need to make your package attractive for them.

Move quickly
High potential candidates won’t stay jobless for a long-term time, so move quickly (quick selection, quick interview and quick decision) to secure the best for your company.

Keep it simple
Be clear and honest about what you require them to perform. Been 100% clear on the job requirement can save you lot of hassle and issues further along the line. Make the recruitment process simple and effective. Have a simple plan, strategy and a system in place before you put the word out. 

Give candidates feedbacks
Even if you do not like a candidate, give them the feedback focusing on their potentialities. Use them to market your company. 

Hire entrepreneurs
If you are a start-up, you should always focus on entrepreneurial characters with visionary and problem-solving skills. If you are not sure, hire a contractor for a short-term period to test the waters. 

Hire contractors to learn from their skills and experiences
Hiring contractors can be extremely valuable and you can use their expertise and experience to gain more (most contractors are willing to coach you and willing to share his/ her experience).

Test the waters by using a probation, fixed term contracts and also you can always hire a contractor of you are not sure. 

Make a good first impression
Sell your company and role before you start your interviewing process. This can be an ideal tool to brand and market your company. 

Learn from your major competitors
There are many literature and research documents available on the subject of recruitment. Educate yourself before you take a leap into the world of requirement.

LinkedIn is a perfect tool to talk to potential candidates
You can reach to many potential candidates by using LinkedIn as a tool (this will cut the middle man). 

What are candidates “online brand”. Do your research to understand the candidate better (use a third-party to do these type of work).

Define your culture
Explain your working culture during the interviews and give candidates a chance to speak to your team.

Please refer Pro Contract Jobs Pro Killer Interview section for further details. 

How to select the best
Get to know your applicants on a deeper level. Hire people who are willing to learn more and take risks, hire visionary people. Give them a paid task if you are not sure about your final 3 candidates.

Make sure he or she is compatible with your team, if not things can lead into disasters if you hire a candidate who not value your company mission and vision. 

Get help
Hire someone to interview the interviewee if you do not have any experience in the recruitment process. 

Leverage all of your resources to advertise the job opening. Use your personal connections to identify best candidates. 

Always operate in hiring mode by looking for great people who can contribute for your growth. Hire your fans who believes in your products and services (don’t hire someone who never used your products and never heard of you before).

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