Why you should Hire Contractors

Why you should hire a Contractor?

There are a number of advantages if you use contractors rather than permies. 

You are going to save a lot of money and hassle by hiring contractors
When you hire a permie, you need to train/ babysit him/ her, provide benefits, office space and equipment to perform the day to day work. Also, you need to take care of his/ hers insurance, pension and also any employee compensation.

By using contractors, you are going to save hassle if you are operating under a project/ programme environment where your workload is going to fluctuate over the time. You simply hire contractors to deliver a certain project with short term notice periods. 

Reduce risk
There are no labour laws, unions and no legal issues by hiring contractors as they cover all their insurances themselves. You don’t have to worry about layouts or any firings as contractors are hired for a limited time frame with a very short notice period. 

Permies do not permanently work and lack experience
Generally speaking, permies do not usually understand the techniques and methods outside their work area. Sometimes, they lack the modern trends and cutting edge experience. 

You don’t have to employ a contractor
The strategy you use for contractors is hire and fire. You use contractors for the critical demand of work and you simplify terminate the contract by obeying the notice period.

You can hire highly skilled and experienced people
You can select the best contractors from a pool of resources available in the market. 

Contractors are the solution for your problem and issues you are facing
You can hire highly skilled and experienced contractors who can hit the ground running from day one. Exceptional and seasoned contractors are armed with cutting-edge technologies and innovative problem-solving skills. Why not hire them and save your sinking ship.

Contractors are very flexible
You can find contractors who would agree to do flexible hours (any overtime as required), and based anywhere in the world and willing to travel to remote locations. (contractors love to travel). 

There is no onboarding process
You only need to care about sorting out the access for the applications you use. Contractors are typically self-starters and come with an entrepreneurial mindset. You don’t have to guide them a daily basis.

Greater productivity
Contractors are typically highly motivated and project focused so this will improve your productivities and the final outcome of the projects and programmes. 

Contractors are more innovative than permies
Contractors can bring a wealth of skills and experience from working on other innovation-led projects.

Ideal for Projects and Programmes
Contractors are the ultimate project workers and are focus on delivery (also care the timeliness and quality of the final product).

If you are looking to delegate, hire a contractor
Contractors are more self-starters and do not require to be micromanaged daily basis. 

No training required
Contractors come with years of experience and greater sets of skills, so you do not have to worry about training them. 

If you want to access to the new technology hire a contractor
Contracting is the way to go if you want to access to a new technology. There are plenty of contractors with new technologies offerings. 

Easy hiring process
Contractors can join you within days of notice rather than the months-long notice periods with the permanent staff.

Resolution to your scope challenges
You can target external contractors to suit your exact requirements. Whatever your scope or requirements going to be, you can always find a well experienced and skilled contractor. 

Reduced payroll administration costs and less hassle with taxes
You do not have to worry about payroll admin costs or any tax liability if you hire a contractor. You just pay their invoices at end of the week/ month.

Your talent is now not limited by location
Contractors are available worldwide and they are willing to travel to any remote location. 

Dynamic and adaptability
Contractors are very dynamic and get adapted to any situation whereas it can be a bit challenging with permie staff. 

Speed & quality of work
If you want to express your project and programme, contracting is the way to go. Contractors have their fast delivery mindset with quality products and outputs. 

No staff development
You do not have to worry about career growth and staff development. Contractors hired for a certain piece of work and you don’t have to worry about any training, promotions or development of your staff. Also, most of your clients don’t care if you hire contractors. 

Easy process
It is very easy to hire a contractor than train your full-time permies. (Training costs and time can be unbearable if you send a perime on a training.)

Train your permies by contractors
Contractors are willing to share their ideas and train your staff as required. You can get permies to learn new skills and get trained by a well skilled and experienced contractor.

Quick Availability
Contractors can be available even within hours of notice to hit the ground running and start marking money for your business. You can get permies to focus on core areas of the business without any distractions. You hire a contractor for a certain piece of work where permies will be deployed to focus on core business activities.

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